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Do you need a keynote speaker, trainer, workshop presenter or spokesperson?

Adriane G. Berg is a leading expert in marketing, consulting and sales training for companies seeking to reach the boomer and active senior markets. She has designed hundreds of seminars and acted as event consultant for top corporations, profit and non-profit organizations. She is spokesperson for VTech Careline™. 

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Lead Generation

Let us create your Ad Copy, Ad Placement and Internet Frequency Programs

How would your sales picture change if you had a cost effective, lead program that you could implement with the touch of a button, any time you chose to turn on a waterfall of fresh leads?

Our founder and CEO, Adriane Berg, brings you a wealth of experience in lead generation marketing.

With our extensive Internet, radio and new media capabilities we can clone that expertise and apply it to any industry.

We offer a complementary consultation during which you will determine the nature of the leads you seek, the cost per lead, and how Critical Path Success ™ Growth achieves success.

For example:

Ad Creation and Placement

We have written, produced and placed hundreds of ads in the past twenty years, for radio, television, print and on the Internet.

We have a direct response formula, which we reveal to you during our consultation.

We bring ad templates you are welcome to copy, even if you do not use our services.

We know that our proven formula is so unique and resultful, that you eventually will call upon us in the future.

Frequency Programs

Technology does not stand still and neither can your company’s outreach methods.

We understand compliance regulations in many industries.

We have staff and freelance writers, editors, content providers, and distributors for both Internet and direct mail.

We design frequency programs to keep in touch with clients, gate openers, strategic allies through many vehicles including: teleseminars/webinars, voice mail messages, audio courses, pod casts, e and paper newsletters, special reports and more.