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Adriane G. Berg is a leading expert in marketing, consulting and sales training for companies seeking to reach the boomer and active senior markets. She has designed hundreds of seminars and acted as event consultant for top corporations, profit and non-profit organizations. She is spokesperson for VTech Careline™. 

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Social Marketing

Let us freshen your marketing approach to appeal to the new breed of donor, recipient and volunteer

Imagine tapping the vast reservoir of your volunteers, donors and social innovators represented by the boomer and senior cohorts. What would that mean to the effectiveness of your message? If you feel that your organization is using outdated public service approaches, consider the following single idea that will make all the difference.

This may be the first time in our social development that the helped and the helping are the very same cohort.

We have found that the single most important idea to convey in social messaging is that your cause can involve the donor/or respondent in a life long purpose that brings fulfillment beyond any narrower focus.

Generation Bold uses proven commercial marketing techniques to survey, research, and effectively design your next program.

We also media train your spokespersons and board members to help you select a spokesperson, from inside or outside of your organization.

If you have a message to craft, public outreach events, advertising or marketing of your social cause, contact us for a complementary consultation.