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Adriane G. Berg is a leading expert in marketing, consulting and sales training for companies seeking to reach the boomer and active senior markets. She has designed hundreds of seminars and acted as event consultant for top corporations, profit and non-profit organizations. She is spokesperson for VTech Careline™. 

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Welcome to Generation Bold

Generation Bold has tapped into the needs and desires of a massive market.  Consider this astounding statistic: Of all people who have ever lived past the age of 65 from the beginning of recorded human history, two thirds are alive today. But it is not a mass market. Every boomer and active senior must be addressed as an individual. And there’s good reason. Leading edge boomers are those born between 1946-1949, Mid boomers 1949-1955, Trailing 1955-1964. So a mother and daughter can both be boomers. Warning-If you are a boomer yourself (and it is likely you are) you are not necessarily your own market. Don’t measure your marketing by what you would buy, need or want unless you match up with your target market in many more ways than age.


Our clients are our greatest resources, and they can be for you, as well. We create Master Mind Groups to help each other grow. We are very proud of our clients and their personal and professional achievements. We often create campaigns around the awards and accolades they receive.

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What is Psychography?

Don’t look in the dictionary for this word. We at Generation Bold invented it. Of course it comes from the notion that we craft our marketing campaigns based on the needs, wants, words, ”hot buttons” that appeal to the mind set of our market, not their age.  Learn more

Strategic Alliance

Managed Affiliations

We create affiliations for you with senior housing developers, elder law attorneys, senior real estate advisors, geriatricians, geriatric care managers, senior housing facilities, financial planners, banks, international organizations, charities and non profits, health care professionals and senior moving specialists. We help you create your own small foundation or not for profit. If it impacts aging we can help you connect.  Check them out here. 


Expos & Conferences

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Critical Path™ Success Business Development is a step-by-step protocol for achieving the highest marketing, branding and advertising results, while focusing on overall business development. You will master the art and science of copy writing, internet marketing, referral programs, strategic alliances, seminar selling, public relations.

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Strategic Development

Our exclusive Critical Path Success ™ Method of Business Development is the jewel in our crown. We create complete marketing/training manuals and custom agendas, with audio and web tutorials suitable whether you are a start up, not for profit, a turn around or growing company.

Brand Awareness

The goal of any strong brand is to achieve a high level of awareness and to invoke an image of quality and value in all of your potential and current clients, customers, donors and constituents.

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